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what is ryokan(Japanese Inn)?

Writer : Master
Date : 2011-02-07 오후 4:34:38

Ryokan is traditional Japanese accomodation which service breakfast, dinner, onsen in Japanese way. Most of Ryokans are in vocanic area, such as Hakone near Tokyo, Yufuin near beppu in Kyushu, and Noboribetsu in Hokkaido,  which have hot-springs. Guests can enjoy speacial cuisine for dinner, called as Kaiseki, and hot-springs. We wish you understand that Ryokans in Kyoto area mostly do not have hotsprings, but guests can enjoy the Kyo-kaiseki ( Kyoto-style Kaiseki ) for dinner. Staying in Ryokan is one of the better ways to experience the culture of Japan.  


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